Saturday, December 6, 2008

I Am Legend Sequel

I Am Legend was welcomed by both the critics and the public. So now they want to cash in on the success by making a prequel to I Am legend (not a sequel because how the first movie ended...):

We have a fantastic prequel idea…we’re still trying to work through a couple of bumps in the story. It’s essentially the fall of the last city – the last stand of Manhattan. The movie would be… within the body of the movie D.C. and then Manhattan would fall as the last city. It’s a really cool idea trying to figure it out…there’s a reason why we have to take a small band and we have to get into D.C. So we have to make our way from New York to D.C. and then back to New York.
Will Smith

I disapprove this decision: I am afraid this I Am Legend Prequel will be but a let down compared to I Am Legend...